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Typeflo has all the must have bells & whistles of a blogging platform, while being super easy at the same time.

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View insights on page views, user location, referrers, bounce rates and a lot more.

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We support subfolder hosting (site.com/blog) which is great for SEO.

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Typeflo has a lot more

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I use Google Docs for blogging?

Google Docs excels in editing and collaborative writing for content creation. People often write in Google Docs and then publish on platforms like WordPress.

Typeflo streamlines this process, offering an all-in-one blogging platform that seamlessly integrates writing and publishing workflows.

Do you need access to my Google Drive?

No. Typeflo just needs the Google Doc URL of your article with access set to “Anyone”

Why not use WordPress instead?

While we love ❤️ WordPress (this landing page is built with it), it has grown complex over the years for straightforward blogging.

Typeflo offers a fast, hosted, and fully managed platform, providing all essential blogging features out of the box.

How can I move my current website to Typeflo?

We’re developing integrations to import content from major blogging platforms. In the meantime, chat with us, and we’ll explore possible solutions.

Is this another AI blogging tool?

No. While many companies are focusing on using AI to make the article generation process easier & faster, Typeflo is dedicated to simplifying the process of creating and publishing blogging websites.

Will you add more themes?

Our focus is on addressing core blogging challenges rather than expanding themes.

While we focus on that, our current layout options allow theme customization with a sleek, Medium style interface. If there’s significant demand, we’ll consider adding more themes.

Do you have a public roadmap?

Yes, we do! Check our roadmap and feel free to add your ideas. We consider all feedback and ideas seriously.