SaasZilla Lifetime Deal Frequently Asked Questions

How are visitors calculated for the Tier 1 plan?

The limit of 30,000 visitors for the Tier 1 plan is determined by the number of unique visitors per month.

How do I know when I have crossed the visitor limit?

The statistics can be found on your dashboard's home page, specifically in the "Analytics Overview" section under "New Visitors".

Can each website have its own custom domain?

Yes, you can connect each Typeflo website on a main domain, sub domain or sub folder (

Can a website be connected to multiple Google Docs accounts?

Yes. In fact we don’t even need access to your Google Docs account. We just need the link of the Doc with permissions set to "Anyone with the link". You can import Docs from as many Google accounts as you like.

Are user accounts per account, or per website?

The user account limit applies to the entire Typeflo account. A user account can be assigned to one or multiple websites.

How does the subfolder hosting ( work?

The only prerequisite for subfolder hosting is your DNS must be on Cloudflare. If you’re not on Cloudflare already, migration is very simple with no downtime to your website or related services.

Can I redeem my SaasZilla code on my trial account on Typeflo?

Yes. You can redeem your code on your existing Typeflo account, or create a new one.

Does Typeflo have a CDN?

We use Vercel Edge Servers that act as a global Content Delivery Network, with many added advantages.

Whitelabel FAQ’s

What is the “White Label” feature in tier 5?

You can setup Typeflo’s dashboard with your own branding and resell to your clients.

What parts of the Typeflo dashboard will you white label?

We plan to white-label the dashboard with the ability to add custom logo, colors, CNAME, and SMTP settings.

Will everything in the dashboard be white labeled?

While our goal is to achieve this (and conceal Typeflo's identity wherever possible), there may be instances where Typeflo's branding is visible, such as in the code or Google auth. We will make every effort to minimize our identity exposure wherever feasible.

Can I resell a white labeled version of Typeflo to my clients?

Yes, you are allowed to charge your clients for hosting & maintaining their Typeflo blog. However, you are not allowed to directly sell Typeflo as a sub account to anyone.

Neither you may create a website / landing page / service on platforms like Fiverr where you only sell our product, without any additional services.

When will the white label version be live?

We are aiming to have the first version of the white label ready in December end, 2023.

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